The Maxwell House - A historic house in Baie-d'Urfé - gets an exterior makeover by Piscines Paramount

Maxwell House in Baie-d’Urfé Gets an Exterior Makeover

This historic Edward Maxwell home in Baie-d’Urfé was lovingly restored with modern conveniences while respecting the home’s heritage and architecture. The landscaping design had to do no less. The home is quite long and the design balances that perfectly, without making the pool or the surrounding areas seem immense or too exposed.

The unique diving board grabs your attention and so it should: this impressive natural stone, hand-picked by the client, is a naturally-flat quarried ledgerock slab from northern Ontario weighing 907.2kg/2000lbs/1ton. It’s now a permanent part of the landscape! Natural stone was chosen for the pool and spa to complement the age of the house. The wide steps that link the terrace levels and descend into the pool invite you to explore, as does the length of the pool with its access at both ends leading to different parts of the house. The plants and trees contribute to the varying heights of the terraces and add punches of colour set against the natural stone. This outdoor space has many nooks and crannies, places where you can sit and read a book, have a meal, lounge in the sun or just meditate while gazing at the waterfall as it flows into the pool. The finishing touches such as the striped pads on the lawn chairs and the lanterns lining the pool add the last bit of polish to a welcoming outdoor space.